Spring Piano Recital

This year the kids decided to participate in the Arizona Study Program through Stephanie Jone's Piano Studio.   This required an extra commitment to learn four pieces from four genre's of music in addition to completing a 60 page theory packet. 

We all dedicated ourselves to a rigorous practice schedule and commit to memory four pieces each child.  As well as push them to do more "homework" for piano.  It wasn't easy, it was actually brutal at times, but these awesome kids stepped up to the challenge, to learn, perfect and memorize everything that was thrown at them. I am so proud of them for working so hard and complaining very little and performing so well at their Spring Recital.

Here are the pieces they played for the Spring Recital.  Tomorrow is their AZSP adjucication/recital/test and we are just ready for it to be over quite honestly. I'm ready to be done, nagging, pleading and reminding them to always play them right and to practice or run through their pieces!  Oh boy-I've never been more ready!  Being 9 months pregnant hasn't helped either.  Last week they both played a piece for our Church's talent show and that is always good practice to play in front of so many.  I don't know how they handle the pressure so well, but they do it like pros. 

Despite thinking that one more week would have helped out, I think they were ready. And despite a few hiccups, rushed section, wrong note (or defining note at the end of the piece) they made it through and for that they deserve many many accolades.  Their teacher Stephanie presents awards at the end of the year and Auggy received the "Everest" Award for taking each and every challenge she gave him and often completing pieces way above his playing level and almost doing it with ease.  Quinn was graduated into an intermediate level player as well and has really stepped up her level of play and technical ability this year.  It is a pleasure to hear her play.

So without further adieu and boasting...enjoy!

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JLJ said...

What an accomplishment! They both played beautifully. Quinn has especially nice hand form.