Winter Piano Recital

Auggy performed Eccosaise and Allegro from Suzuki books 1 and 2.   He did a great job and wowed everyone. The video began a little fuzzy so I didn't get the beginning, but it finally focuses.  Sorry!

Quinn learned Minuet from Suzuki Book 2.   She said she wasn't even nervous last night.  She did wonderfully.

Here is the kid's duet that they have been so excited to perform. Auggy was constantly reminding Quinn during practice to not play her part so loud. I told him to stop doing it because it would become a habit and he would do it during the recital.  You can see him "shush" her right before she starts.  She also mouths to him during their performance to go slower.  They are so funny, so cute and so talented.

This is a student we have watched grow through the years. He usually ends each recital and is amazing. This wasn't the most tricky piece or showy piece skill-wise, but it is a beautiful rendition of one of my favorite Holiday Songs.  I missed the first part and it's fuzzy for the first little bit. 

Stephanie's Piano Studio.  Unfortunately the best pic was the 
one where the little boy is turned around. Oops!

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