A Little Laughter Never Hurts

In light of this week's recent disaster I am going to post some things that make me smile, laugh and see the brighter side of things despite my foreboding feeling that the beginning of the end is looming.

On that happy note. I really enjoyed this video of "Call Me Maybe" with Jimmy Fallon, band, Roots and Ms. Jeppsen herself and few elementary school instruments.

These two little Brits are sisters and one is a singer and the other is her "hype" girl.  I thought this was pretty amazing. 

This was the very funny Jimm Kimmel who asked parents to prank their kids and tell them that they ate their kids Halloween candy.  Oh my goodness...mean, but very, very funny.

Aug is a Plants vs. Zombies Fan.  Likewise, he wanted jackolanterns to reflect his obesession affection for the game.  Tyler is not one to disappoint.  

I can't believe it's already November!


heather said...

I love Ellen and Jimmy but not as much as Mitt. :(

JLJ said...

Mission accomplished. I'm cheered up... a bit.